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Giorgia Dal Molin was born in the spring of 1996 in Belluno, in the Dolomites. After completing her classical studies she moved to Padua where she graduated in Radiology Techniques. Subsequently, in 2019, she moved to Milan where she began the Italian Institute of Photography as a student-tutor. She finishes it in 2022 and starts working as a photographer, lighting and digital assistant for fashion photography productions.

Linked to photography since the early years of her life, she has concentrated her production in personal projects that have as a backdrop family pasts, evocative settings and stories that she encounters along her life path. The photos are often previews or seeds of written texts that tell the stories contained with irony and a strong personal point of view.
In 2020, during the pandemic, she published a shot in L'Internazionale. Subsequently she was a guest for 2 consecutive years at the Tank festival of analogue photography in Apecchio with 'Serva Terra' and 'Limes'. In 2021 she exhibited for the Evolvere collective in Milan with 'Limes'. Also in 2021 she exhibited in the collective 'Viaggio al termini della luce' curated by Roberto Mutti.

In September 2023 she was presented in Cuneo at the festival |Paesaggi| for FormicaLab with the project 'Ho visto uomini (?)' which tells the story of life in Marmolada, and with 'A forza di essere vento' for Lagazuoi Photo award, a project realized during an artistic residence.

In March 2024 she was present at the Biennale della Fotografia Femminile in Mantova with 'Stavo pensando al mare', a project on the dispersion of maternal ashes.

In April she exposed her project 'A forza di essere vento' at IIF in Milan.


Giorgia Dal Molin
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